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Inspire! Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence
Helen Baratta

Discover how to think out of the box
​when your life gives you the impossible.

What people are saying about Inspire!

Women who read this book are going to be inspired and challenged to become the woman they always dreamed of being. The stories of these 25 women will motivate each of us to think outside the box and to realize that we can attempt great things we never thought possible. I loved this book and each of the heartwarming stories of these phenomenal women.
​--Carole Lewis First Place 4 Health Director Emeritus and author of Live Life Right Here Right Now

Often women feel like they have no choice but to become victims of their circumstances. As the title promises, you'll find inspiration from these 25 women and learn ways to approach adversity with an optimistic and life-changing perspective.

- Laurie Itkin, Financial Advisor and author, Every Woman Should Know Her Options.

Women have the strength within them to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. This book includes insightful wisdom and empowering breakthroughs from women who have encountered some of life’s biggest challenges. Be prepared to leap out of your comfort zone and straight into your purpose. Are you ready to break through your fears, overcome your obstacles and embrace your true purpose? The empowering stories included in this book will help you to step into your purpose and finally share your special gifts with the world.