Prayer Wheel

A prayer wheel provides prompts and guidance.

I use the prayer wheel each week when I run.  At each quarter mile I change to the next prompt.

Each prompt provides a new level of discipline in prayer. 

 1) Praise - Tell of His greatness

 2) Waiting - Honor Him with your silence

 3) Confession - Admit your sin

 4) Scripture Praying - Recall or practice a verse

 5) Watching - Look around, how is God at work

 6) Intercession - Pray for others

 7) Petition - Pray for yourself

 8) Thanksgiving - Name the blessings in your life

 9) Singing - Sing to the Lord

10) Meditation - Focus on an idea or theme

11) Listening - Give your attention to the Lord.

12) Praise - Hallelujah, to the King of Kings